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The Launch of SOMNUS - Sleep Personified

A new release of Consciously Designed Music by Lyz Cooper read more

Finding Solace in ‘Solis’

A relaxation track to bring warmth and a sonic cuddle! read more

Winner of This Years Independent Music Awards

I want to say a big Thank you! to all those who supported me. Winning the award encourages me to continue on my vocation as a composer. I am poised on the brink of offering a new bespoke training read more

Jenni nominated for Independent Music Award.

Independent Music Awards - Song Instrumental category. Jenni Roditi - minimalist avant chamber pop composer and Sound Travels featured practitioner has been nominated for this prestigious award read more

Sounds Emitted By Ear Help Self-Healing-A New Energy System

In 2004, I shared The Davis Addendum&trade to The Tomatis Effect at the Acoustical Society of America. My research to that date, looked at the emission from the ear and connected it with the frequenc read more

The Perfect Cadence

This article is in podcast form. I hope you enjoy it and find it interesting. It is an excerpt from a whole show exploring the construction of music from the basic elements of a chord, through to pr read more

Whole Brain Performance & Composition

? I think it is important to study the relationship between left and right brain integration in the creative process. My interest musically is to compose and also to perform &lsquowhole brain&rsquo m read more


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