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From: Joshua Leeds
Joshua Leeds

Our Culture is the Patient

Forward! There is no going back because collectively we have all shifted, peri-Covid. Isolation has become a psychological by-product of these times. Politicization has undermined the best of science.

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Book Release! Vibrational Sound Healing

A comprehensive guide to sound healing with easy to follow exercises

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From: Rick Sacks
Rick Sacks

One Step Back. Two Steps Ahead

As a freelance percussionist my life has been filled with travel and many types ofwonderful performance opportunities. From chamber music to experiments to improvisation,theatre, dance and solo works, I have had the great privilege of working with communities ofperformers and composers in very inspired social settings. One would say that going ‘online’ is astep backwards in comparison with the experience of live music and they would be right.Many percussionists get into the electronic side of th

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From: Lyz Cooper
Lyz Cooper

The Therapeutic Sound Association is Growing!

Welcoming anyone working in therapeutic sound and music

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Zoom 5.2.2 - Better Sound Quality

Musicians who have been using Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms for sessions, rehearsals, and performances since the coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year have struggled against an audio system that is optimised for spoken word. The new mode improves audio quality in ways that make the platform work much better for musicians.
In a practical sense, this will mean that if you&rsquore discussing a project with collaborators or in a remote recording session, routing audio from your scoring or audio application into Zoom listeners on the other end will hear the difference between softs and louds, and the subtleties of articulation and orchestration will be rendered more faithfully. Teachers will be able to more easily talk alongside playing or audio playback from a student without Zoom squashing either the talking or the music. Even something as simple as playing back recorded music examples without resorting to an external service will be greatly improved using the new aud

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Playing & Singing Together Remotely (That Latency Thing)

Along with many other forms of human interaction, live musical collaboration has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. Widespread quarantining and social distancing essentially suspended performances that require precise timing among multiple players – everything from classical symphonies and choir ensembles to jazz quartets and rock bands.

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From: Linda Penny
Linda Penny


I’ve been fascinated by sound for years, especially for its effect on healing. It all started in the early 90's in the Great Pyramid of Giza. I was called upon at that time to work with Sound for Healing the planet and humanity.

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"Free your Voice, Heal your Life" book with CD by Michele Averard

Re-edition of this successful book by Michele Averard

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From: Tobias Kaye
Tobias Kaye

Sound Conversations

Tobias interviews Sounding Bowl practitioners.

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From: Ali Jeffery
Ali Jeffery

Sounds of Nature

Through interacting with the sounds of nature, we can commune with the universe. This feeling drew me to the realm of sound healing. Years ago, moving slowly through a city park each evening, the amalgamation of sound frequencies offered by the wind blowing through the leaves of the many trees seemed to bring my body into a relaxed and vital state, while carrying my mind to a space of oneness.

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From: Steven Ash
Steven Ash

I am, where I’m meant to be

“We did not come into this world. We came out of it, like buds out of branches and butterflies out of cocoons. We are a natural product of this Earth, and if we turn out to be intelligent beings, then it can only be because we are the product of an intelligent Earth, which is nourished in turn by an intelligent system of energy”

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From: Paul Benham
Paul Benham

The Magical Resonance of Celtic, Druidic and Dana Sounds. - 11-13/14 September 2020

We will be sharing some of the practices and deep wisdom of our Celtic and Druidic ancestors, looking at the symbolism that guided their lives and spiritual practices, ways in which they would have connected with the great megalithic monuments and the magical sounding that they embraced to honour and connect with their environment and spirit worlds.

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Rewild your voice

Set aside conventional images about what singing is. Forget sheet music and remember the rhythm of your heartbeat. Leave churches and concert-halls. Lay down commercialized music. Now, stand in the centre of the music that sings your life into existence. This is the beginning of a whole new way of singing. Start with your voice, your music, your life – you are allowed to sing it!

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From: Joshua Leeds
Joshua Leeds


Dear Andrew, Thank you for the articulate post of May 30, 2020 - COVID CONFUSION: FINDING A WAY THROUGH? "It's like trying to complete a jigsaw without a picture on the box.” Recently, like so many, I witnessed profound contradictions: A billionaire’s spaceship brilliantly launched while Corona mask-clad protesters burned police cars all over America. Another sad day for us all.

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Corona Virus Blues

It's natural to have low spirits (the blues) and to feel fear when we sense that our security or way of life may be threatened. Fear is Nature's way of urging us to take action and, fortunately, Nature has evolved a clever system that engages automatically within us to help save us from threats, as I will soon explain.

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A tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven:

In honour of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th anniversary the CymaScope team recently created a MusicMadeVisible excerpt from his Piano Sonata Number 8, Opus 13, Pathetique, played by gifted concert pianist, Daniel Levy.

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432Hz Frequencies Album

Minus 8 / 432Hz Frequencies Album ReleaseBy Andy O&rsquoDoherty / PeopletreeBased on the alchemical chakra frequencies, Minus 8 is an album tuned to 432Hz. This album has been created to induce healing, deep relaxation and clearing of conscious and subconscious blocks. Track number 4 features the wise and inspiring words of Mooji (with special permissions).To preview and buy it, click the

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Covid Confusion - Finding A Way Through? ANDREW HODGES

Covid Confusion - Finding A Way Through

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The Sound of COVID-19

Article originally written for The Stilled Pendulum published on 15th April 2020

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