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UK, HERTFORDSHIRE - Introduction to the Gong, Sarah Gregg, Private Address, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, 23 Feb 2020

This one-day training introduces the student to the basics of gong playing. It is non-certified, but is a good introduction for those who just wish to play the gong for themselves or find out some more before embarking on our professional course of study, The Harmony of the Spheres CMA Accredited Gong Master Practitioner Training. Small group classes.

• Introductory Gong Bath conducted by Sarah Gregg
•An introduction to the Gong - theory
•Approaching & Playing the Gong
•Practical Session - Working with a partner and exploring the Gong
•Working with the Flumi mallet
•Basic playing techniques
•Practical Partner work one on one healing
•The Gong Journey
•The Gong Bath

Duration of Course: 1 day
Fee: £95
Deposit: £50
Forthcoming Dates 2020: 23rd February •29th November
Venue: Herts/Essex borders

  • Category : Gong Work
  • Start Date : 23-02-2020
  • End Date : 23-02-2020
  • Facilitator : Sarah Gregg
  • Time : 0900
  • Address : Private Address, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
  • Contact Name : Sarah Gregg
  • Contact Email : info@sacredsoundinspirations.co.uk
  • Contact Phone : 01276 600104
  • Pricing Details : £95
  • Website : www.sacredsoundinspirations.co.uk
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HERTFORDSHIRE - Introduction to the Gong

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