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UK, Gong Consciousness: A Healing Therapy Workshop, Jain Wells & Aidan McIntyre, Hawkwood College Painswick Old Road Stroud GL6 7QW, 04 May 2020

There is no better way to learn and understand the exceptional healing capacity of the gong than to experience a shift in one’s own healing and consciousness, and to witness the same in others. This workshop intensive involves guided self-healing sessions with the gong to help ground the principles of gong sound healing training, with practice time gonging others in sacred community space, and more.
In this workshop, I'll be sharing my method of combining Transformation Practices with Gong Sound Healing for personal growth and enhanced awareness. It is a practical, hands-on workshop about healing with the gong from various perspectives including one's own process, as well as working with others.
If you are ready for change and are willing to get real, you can accelerate deep transformation of the self - and discover the amazing power of the Gong to shift energy for self-healing and working with others.... with lots of playing time. Joining Jain Gong Master Aidan McIntyre
Workshop schedule:
- Learn about how healing works, and working with energy - Shift any issues that may be present
- Learn self-healing with the gong and transformational practices
- Learn to meditate - with and without the gong
- Learn about how we use the gong to heal emotional, psychological, and physical issues
- Learn to play and work with singing bowls for healing
- Learn to play the gong, use different mallets & play a variety of different gongs
- Learn to run a great gongbath for groups
This course is useful for healing practitioners who want to incorporate gong sound healing with existing modalities, for those wanting to do focused healing work with the gong, and for those who want to learn to run a gongbaths for groups.

Gong Consciousness: A Healing Therapy Workshop

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