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UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Harmonic Temple Spring Retreat, Nickomo and Rasullah Clarke, Hawkwood, Painswick Old Road, Stroud GL6 7QW, 03 Apr 2020

We will be tuning into each other as a group through singing together in harmony, not for performance, but for nourishing our inner selves. A weekend of singing these chants brings about a sense of deep well-being and healing and brings an opportunity to step out of the usual routines and stresses of daily life. You don’t need to be an experienced singer to participate, and no reading music is involved.
Some of the chants have a joyful quality, some are meditative, some energise the core values we hold and some have ancient mantric wisdom.
We hope and trust that you will experience inner healing, joy, and emotional well-being as well as making new friendships.

  • Category : Chanting & Mantra
  • Start Date : 03-04-2020
  • End Date : 05-04-2020
  • Facilitator : Nickomo and Rasullah Clarke
  • Time : 18.30pm - 16.00pm
  • Address : Hawkwood, Painswick Old Road, Stroud GL6 7QW
  • Contact Name : Susan Long bookings
  • Contact Email : info@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk
  • Contact Phone : 01453759034
  • Pricing Details : £315/£250/£235
  • Website : https://www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk/event/singing-weekend/
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GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Harmonic Temple Spring Retreat

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