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Sound Used to Heal Broken Bone

Sept 25, 2016 - The motorcycle run for charity promised to be great fun but for Kelly the price was high; she broke, badly bruised and twisted her big toe when her bike went down.

A trip to the emergency room confirmed that the toe was broken but Kelly stoically hobbled to work the next day wearing the hospital provided shoe while limping conspicuously.

It was fortunate for Kelly that she worked at a research center, Sound Health Research Institute, that concentrated on gathering vocal frequency data from people who have experienced trauma. The Institute had worked with broken bones and the accompanying pain. Kelly reported that first day at work that her pain was about a 5/6. Her toes were swollen, purple/red to the first knuckle and sore to the touch. Attempting to bend the toe was painful; plus the swelling didn’t allow much mobility.

A frequency based formulation known to alleviate bone pain* was presented to Kelly via ambient sound. Within an hour the pain had diminished; within 2 hours the swelling and most of the redness had dissipated; she could flex her toe with little pain/almost no pain.

Within the week, Kelly was back in her boots walking with no limp and no pain. On Thursday, 5 days after the broken toe, the joint and toe begin to “itch like crazy”, “reported Kelly. The itchiness of a broken bone usually comes during the second week showing that Kelly’s toe was healing ahead of schedule.

Full Vocal prints revealed the frequency for the big toe and the frequency for the attaching muscle, the Abductor Hallucis to be in stress. The Abductor Hallucis, which abducts the big toe (spreads it outward), is shown here running along the big-toe side of the foot. Shortly after one week of Kelly’s accident, she reports her toe/foot as being back to normal.

A wave file of Kelly’s vocal print showed both the big toe and the abductor Hallucis muscle as frequencies of significance that should be addressed.

Within slightly more than a week (one week plus 2 days) Kelly had full mobility; no one could even pick

out the toe that had been broken. Kelly had full flexion with no pain by October 3, 2016

*All issues reported in terms of Frequency Equivalents™

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