Sound Forum Community Standards

Sound Travels Sound Forum, similar to some other websites, is a platform to enable its Authors to submit Posts & Events. As an enabling platform the views of the Authors are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Sound Travels Sound Forum. In the interests of fairness links to factchecking sites may be included in order to provide Sound Forum members with a balanced perspective.  As will be expected content should meet acceptable standards. It should not employ abusive or racist language. 

Sound Travels Sound Forum provides a reviewing process to enable others to add their views to which the above same standards apply. All articles have a REVIEW button at the top of the article which others may use to express their point of view. Reviewers material is treated in the same manner as Authors' material i.e. the Reviewer owns the content. A similar procedure is in place for Testimonials.

Contributors should be aware that the "Right To Be Forgotten" ( may be employed in some jurisdictions to ensure that certain types of content cease to be found on search engines. 

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