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Lyz Cooper

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UK, WEST SUSSEX - Professional Diploma in Group Voice Therapy , Lyz Cooper and team, University of Chichester, Bognor Regis Campus, 28 Feb 2019

• We love what we do!
• We believe in making a difference with therapeutic sound and music
• We use the latest research in neuroscience, music psychology and sound cognition as well as years
of in-house research and development to support our work
• We are passionate about creating positive, vibrant and informative learning spaces
• Our aim is to support our students to build healthy and thriving practices

Group Voice Therapy Training (Professional Diploma)
Learn how to use a range of vocal techniques to improve health and wellbeing. This course enables you to run professional and potentially transformative voice therapy groups. You can also take this course for personal development (you would not complete coursework and case studies) limited spaces are available for this option.

No previous experience needed
1 x 4 day non-residential module
Easy to use online learning platform
Case study test sessions
Video recordings & further study materials
Recorded learning sessions for case study period
Supported by on-going scientific research
Community project opportunity

Day 1 – Vocal Potential and Voice Relaxation
Breath-work, vocal warm-up and vocal development exercises will be experienced and discussed. Develop and free your voice, uncover your vocal potential and learn how to do this for others. We will also explore giving therapeutic voice relaxation sessions using vowel sounds and overtones and therapeutic percussion.

Day 2 – Voice and Movement
PranAma – (a voice and movement meditation practice similar to Tai Chi) will also be practised. This is a technique which is relaxing and balancing for mind, body and emotions.

Day 3 – Vocal Processing Techniques
Today we will work with specific techniques using the breath, movement, visualisation and voice to help improve health and wellbeing. We will also explore the 5Rs Method in more depth.

Day 4 – Transforming Limiting Belief
The Narrative Voicescape process enables you to help people to work with their grief, bereavement, trauma, fears, phobias – anything that holds them back in life. This technique helps people to reframe negative thoughts and behaviours in a new and more positive way.

You can go on to take the Practitioner Level Diploma in Holistic Voice Therapy or the Professional Diploma in Voice Arts Therapy Course, gaining a higher level qualification.

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