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UK, Seing Sounds | Gong Bath, Sarah Waite, Canada Water Studios (Vancouver House), Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7BW, 20 Jan 2019

Documented and practiced in ancient civilisations, tribes and clinics around the world, for over 40,000 years, sound is one of the oldest and most natural forms of relaxation and healing.

Experientially, we instinctively know sounds have a positive impact on us – you only have to stand near crashing waves, wind or waterfalls, to feel it.

In recent years, sound therapy has undergone a period of re-discovery. As research and experience reveal the intricacies and benefits of sound healing, at both cellular and psychological levels, it’s fast regaining its place as a distinguished, natural healing modality.

Gongs, in particular, with their wide range of of frequencies, tones and harmonies, are one of the most powerful healing instruments.

This is a time to R&R.
Relax. Reflect. Reconnect. Replenish.

Lie down, wrap yourself in a blanket, and be cocooned in soothing sounds and vibrations.
A sound massage for the body, mind and soul.

BENEFITS OF GONG BATHS (also known as ‘sound meditation’ or ‘sound healing):
• Create a state of deep relaxation, to calm the mind and release tension
• Decrease stress and anxiety levels
• Improve sleep
• Increase clarity of mind, awareness and insight
• Re-harmonise, physically and mentally
• Reactivate dis-eased cells and parts of the body
• Stimulate quicker recovery from illnesses, wounds, and invasive medical treatments
• Enhance concentration and creativity
• Remove blocks and toxins
• Improve sense of hearing
• Awaken higher states of consciousness, and a deeper connection with your true self

Wear comfortable clothing, and bring a blanket to keep you warm - body temperatures drop in deeply relaxed states (I have a few spares for those who dont or forget).
It is advisable not to have a heavy meal or alcohol beforehand.
Please arrive early. Latecomers won’t be admitted to avoid disruption to those in relaxed states.
Turn all phones and devices off, or on airplane mode.
As a precaution, this is not recommended for pregnant women in their 1st trimester, or those with pacemakers. Please be aware that sound sensitive conditions e.g. Tinnitus, Ménières Disease, and Epilepsy, and those with medical metal implants e.g. pins, rods, screws and plates, may be affected by the sounds and vibrations. Please inform Sarah if you have any concerns or conditions she should be aware of.

– What if I’m late?
Please arrive at least 10 mins before the listed start time. Like planes and trains, our doors will be closed (and unstaffed) 2 mins early, so we can settle in the space and start on time. No late admissions.
– What should I wear? Do I need a swimsuit?
No water is used in a gong bath. You’ll be ‘bathed’ in sound waves, to cleanse and wash away any tensions or dis-ease. Wear something you feel warm and cosy in.
– What should I bring?
Yoga mats, blankets and bolsters are all provided. But if you’d like your own cosy blankets, that’s fine too. Bring some water, juice, or (caffeine-free) herbal tea to stay well hydrated afterwards.
– What if I can’t meditate?
This is the perfect way to start! We’ve got this – just turn up, lie down, and relax. We’ll begin with a simple guided meditation, then let the sounds and vibrations of the gongs gently ease you into an automatic state of meditation and relaxation.
– Huh? An automatic state of meditation?
The sounds and vibrations lower your brainwaves, often inducing a state of deep meditation and relaxation (alpha). Some may enter an even deeper state, where visions, creative and spiritual awareness and insight are possible too (theta).
– What if I fall asleep?
If you are tired when you arrive, you may drift deeper into a sleep state (delta), and that’s perfectly fine. If you feel yourself drifting off, and want to stay in a slightly higher state of consciousness, just gently wiggle your fingers and toes.
– What if I snore?
If you’re tired or prone to falling and asleep and snoring, out of consideration for others, who might not enjoy your contribution to the sound bath, consider sitting for a more conscious ride. If your neighbour’s snoring is disrupting your journey, gently and respectfully touch them on their feet, ankles or shoulders.
– Where is it?
A beautiful studio, just 30 metres from Canada Water station (Jubilee & Overground, 12m from Bond St, 8m from Shoreditch). Address: Canada Water Studios (Vancouver House), Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7BW
– For any other questions, drop us a message: m.me/SeingCo

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  • Category : Sound Healing
  • Start Date : 20-01-2019
  • End Date : 04-12-2018
  • Facilitator : Sarah Waite
  • Time : 6-7PM
  • Address : Canada Water Studios (Vancouver House), Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7BW
  • Contact Name : Seing founder, Sarah Waite
  • Contact Email : sarah_waite@me.com
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  • Pricing Details : £16 (package deals available)
  • Website : seingsounds.eventbrite.com
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