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UK, SCOTTISH BORDERS, THE - ANSU Online Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound, ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts, with Anthar Kharana and Suzy Nairn, Online, 14 Nov 2020

The ANSU School of Sound are delighted to offer a new Online version of their flagship course, the ANSU Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound for working with groups and communities. The ONLINE version will comprise a mix of live calls, video tutorials and facebook support. This will be a highly inclusive event and means that students can enjoy a high level of training and support from anywhere in the world, and delivered in a unique style incorporating sound healing practice with ancient traditions and knowledge.The course will be delivered by founders and lead tutors Anthar Kharana and Suzanne Nairn.
The Certificate course teaches participants how to work with sound for themselves and/or their communities. It covers many aspects of the theory and history of sound as a healing modality; introduces participants to essential tools such as Tibetan singing bowls, healing voice, medicine drum and percussion, and students gain skills, techniques and knowledge to ensure that they become proficient in the playing of these. Throughout the course students will explore the different ways these instruments can be used individually and woven together. The course is also a journey of self discovery and is delivered in a ceremonial style i.e each session links with ancient knowledge and traditions and can include ceremony and medicine songs.
Over the years we have been asked by many people to come and work with their school, or Parkinsons group, or Alzeihmers group, or children with special needs to name but a few and we recognise the need for more people to be able to take sound as a therapeutic tool into the wider community. We have also seen the way sound can cleanse, support and energise individuals after even a short session and have developed this course to meet some of those needs.
We see this course as being of interest to:
* Individuals who would like to take sound into community and specialist groups, yoga classes, private groups as well as schools, hospitals, hospices and care centres
* Carers, counsellors or support workers who work with different communities
* Musicians looking to incorporate the healing aspects of sound and music
*Anyone who wishes to develop themselves and take this journey within a supportive and safe space ?
Students will be required to do home practice and study (including a written piece and case study report) and will be assessed through ongoing observation and a final presentation. On completion of the course each student will have a deep understanding of how they can use sound in their own lives and communities, host group sound relaxations or journeys, or blend it with their existing therapies.
- 6 Saturday afternoons 2-5pm (GMT), and 5 following Monday evenings 7-9pm (GMT) on Zoom
- Video tutorials illustrating key training, knowledge and skills
- Additional module "Delivering Sound Healing" online module (no extra charge)
- Private facebook group throughout for support by tutors and class peer group
- Q & A sessions
- Homework and practice between modules
- Course Manual
- Course Certificate
- Case study report, Demonstration (exam) submitted via video, and a written piece of work to be completed by each student
Creating healing soundscapes ~ Dynamics ~ Harmonies and dissonance ~ Exploring different tools and instruments ~
Support for emotional release and challenges ~ Chakra system
Medicine Wheel ~Sound as an ancient medicine ~ Performance and holding the group space ~ Sacred space cleansing and preparation ~ Preparation of self. ?
THE DATES for Zoom calls/module weekends are as follows. All calls are UK time (GMT):
Sat 14th November 2-5pm, Mon 16th Nov 2020 7-9pm
Sat 28th November 2-5pm, Mon 30th Nov 2020 7-9pm
Sat 12th December 2-5pm, Mon 14th Dec 2020 7-9pm
Sat 9th January 2-5pm, Mon 11th Jan 2021 7-9pm
Sat 23rd January 2-5pm, Mon 25th Jan 7-9pm
Sat 20th March 2021, 2-5pm
(Dates correct at time of publishing)
There will be an additional session in March 2021 to close the course and feedback.
*In order to be awarded the Certificate students must attend all modules and submit work as requested.
*To apply please email info@ansuschoolofsound.com to register your interest and we will send you the short application form
*The course fee is £950 and can be paid in one lump sum to receive a discount of £50, or in 3 monthly instalments. A deposit of £200 is required to secure your place once you have been accepted on to the course. You will also need to budget to buy equipment and we would suggest around a minimum of £300 - £500 will be needed for that, unless you already have some instruments. It’s up to you how far you go with this one! DO NOT RUSH AND BUY EVERYTHING BEFORE THE COURSE STARTS! Part of the journey is gathering your instruments as you go and trying out different types. Sometimes you find them in charity shops and random places (as they find you), plus we will also have some instruments (singing bowls, drums, percussion) for sale via our shop and these can be posted to you.
*No previous experience or musical training is required, just enthusiasm!
*Some therapy experience is preferred
*Students will need access to a laptop/phone, headphones or good speakers and reasonable internet connection
This course is delivered by Anthar Kharana and Suzanne Nairn of the ANSU School of Sound who together bring a wealth of experience to share with their students. Their unique style of delivery and content is gaining them a reputation as providing a deep and transformative space for their students to become skilled, senstive and professional sound healers, many who are working actively around the UK and sharing sound with a wide variety of communities including, children, mental health groups, addiction clinics, trauma groups and many more.

  • Category : Sound Therapy
  • Start Date : 14-11-2020
  • End Date : 29-09-2020
  • Facilitator : ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts, with Anthar Kharana and Suzy Nairn
  • Time : 2pm
  • Address : Online
  • Contact Name : Suzy Nairn
  • Contact Email : Info@ansuschoolofsound.com
  • Contact Phone : 07875272571
  • Pricing Details : £950/900
  • Website : www.ansuschoolofsound.com
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SCOTTISH BORDERS, THE - ANSU Online Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound

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