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UK, NOTTINGHAM - Exploring Shakti: An Immersive Contemplation of the Divine Feminine, Mahala Gehna - Earthtones Sound Therapy , , 29 Jul 2019

The divine feminine power – Shakti – vibrates through everything. At once abstract and formless, Shakti is also personal and knowable. By taking form in the guise of the many deities of the Vedic and Hindu traditions, Shakti becomes a force we can relate to, communicate with and work with.
Would you like to explore the divine feminine within our universe? Within you? We are all part of this energy, although we don’t always recognise this; getting to grips with this powerful energy can have transformative effects on our life.
Are you ready to discover and harness the Shakti force within you
and transform your life?
This six week course will take you on a journey of discovery through the many aspects of Shakti. Studying six Hindu goddesses, we will immerse ourselves in shakti energy through meditation, mantra, personal reflection, prayer, group discussion and more.
During the course, we will spend a week on each of the following six goddesses:
Durga – Goddess of Protection and inner Strength
Lakshmi – Goddess of Abundance
Saraswati – Goddess of Communication, Creativity and Insight
Kali – Goddess of Revolution
Dhumavati – Crone Goddess of Release
Chinnamasta – Goddess of Self-Transcendence
This online course will be delivered through emailed course materials, and a private Facebook group for reflection, discussion and group activities. There will be new activities for each of the seven days we spend on each goddess, and daily interaction in the Facebook group.
Your course leader, Mahala Gehna, has been travelling the spiritual path of the Goddess for twenty years and has been a qualified mantra therapist, and a meditation teacher for over a decade. Using the techniques in this course, she has made huge changes to her life and helped many others do the same. You are invited now to join her on this immersive experience and discover the life awaiting you.
The course begins on Monday 29 July and is being offered at a special introductory price of just £57. After the offer, the price will increase to £87, so don’t miss out on savings of £30!
Are you ready? Book your place on the course today and get ready to transform your life with the power of Shakti!

  • Category : On-line course
  • Start Date : 29-07-2019
  • End Date : 08-09-2019
  • Facilitator : Mahala Gehna - Earthtones Sound Therapy
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  • Contact Name : Mahala Gehna
  • Contact Email : info@earthtones.org.uk
  • Contact Phone : 07595628379
  • Pricing Details : £57
  • Website : earthtones.org.uk/exploring-shakti/
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