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UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - The Alexander Technique, Robin and Béatrice Simmons, Hawkwood, Painswick Old Road, Stroud GL6 7QW, 24 Jul 2020

In this course, we emphasise the fundamental principles of the Alexander Technique and also make sure to address the needs and enquiries of each participant. The Technique can be applied to any activity so we are always interested to convey how its application may enhance any activity that interests participants, both to boost performance and to eliminate pain. It raises your consciousness and awareness in every movement.
We are surprisingly unaware of how we use ourselves in our moment-to-moment everyday activities.
By eliminating harmful movement habits, and habits of reaction, we can gain self-mastery.
You will take away immediately applicable practical procedures for lifelong improvement of any activity.
During the weekend we give 9 group classes and each participant also receives 3 private individual sessions. 
Every participant will learn practical procedures they can apply in their daily living activities, or to their activities of personal special interest. There are times when participants are on their own when others are having private sessions and this gives opportunities to read about the Technique and/or to enjoy the beautiful grounds and surroundings of Hawkwood. We always have a couple of hours of free time on Saturday afternoon so that the work can be considered and absorbed. We always hope the weather will be kind to us.
Your tutors Robin & Béatrice Simmons have a combined teaching experience of over 75 years. They run Alexander Technique teacher training courses, give individual lessons and regularly offer workshops in the UK and worldwide. Robin’s book The Evolution of Movement has been well received and had excellent reviews. In addition to her Alexander Technique teaching, Béatrice also has long experience within the world of scent, perfume and burning materials. This expertise in fragrances often characterizes her shamanic group and individual shamanic work with which she has been involved for many years, and she is connected with shamanic communities worldwide. Béatrice and Robin have been giving weekend courses in the Alexander Technique at Hawkwood for many years and have many notes of appreciation for their courses.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE - The Alexander Technique

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