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UK, Essential Oils from the Garden [online], Jonathan Code, Painswick Old Road, 29 Sep 2020

Facilitator: Jonathan Code

This three session course is an introduction to sourcing and using essential oils from plants that grow in our gardens. We will be working with common aromatic plants that grow in the UK. The course is in three parts, part one identifies aromatic plants that are suitable for home use, part two introduces simple ways of extracting and using essential oils, and part three introduces methods for steam distillation of essential oils.

Essential oils have been used since antiquity for enhancing our moods, our wellbeing and the quality of our immediate environment. Their use lies at the heart of the discipline of aromatherapy. Though not delving deeply into aromatherapy, this course is an introduction to aromatic plants and their use in the home and for personal benefit. The course will give participants a rich introduction to essential oils and will provide a basis for further study. The course begins with an introduction to some common aromatic plants that can be sourced and identified readily. A number of different methods are introduced to begin to obtain the benefits of essential oils that include their culinary benefits and their potentials for enhancing our wellbeing other ways. We conclude this introductory course with an introduction to the principles of steam distillation – one of the most common methods for extracting essential oils. Several methods of steam distillation will be demonstrated and discussed. By the end of this short course participants will have a good overview of the uses and benefits of some readily sourced essential oils.

Jonathan is a senior lecturer with Crossfields Institute and a lecturer with the Royal Agricultural University (RAU). Jonathan’s interests in consciousness studies, holistic and natural sciences, gardening, crafts and education informed both his Bachelor’s degree (Integral Studies, CIIS, California), and his M. Ed (Social and Environmental Education, RSUC Oslo). Jonathan is currently completing his doctoral studies with the University of Bath, focussing on educational research. Jonathan’s book Muck and Mind; Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture is published by Lindisfarne press. He is editor and co-author for Crafting: Transforming Materials and the Maker HandsOn Press.

Essential Oils from the Garden [online]

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