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Cortijo Romero

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Spain, ANDALUCIA - Unleash Your Voice, Unleash Your Self! Singing Holiday, Adrienne Thomas, Cortijo Romero is near Orgiva, in Andalucia. Fly to Malaga or Gatwick for a week in Paradise!, 10 Aug 2019

A unique approach, entirely accessible both to professionals and to those who have never worked with the voice before. We’ll dive deeply into exploring, releasing and fully expressing ourselves through the power of our own voices, even if they have been silent or restricted for years.
The approach focuses on sound vibrations which enable us to feel and visualise the voice, rather than simply hearing it, as we send sounds in different directions through the use of imagination. The sounds are also loosely allied to the Indian chakra system, which provides a clear blueprint for the development of our personalities. We’ll experiment together in an exploratory and playful way with several different types of energy, learning how they impact and ultimately release the voice, not just in singing but in many aspects of our lives. For those who wish, some individual attention is possible
For over thirty years Adrienne has helped actors, teachers, singers, students of the performing arts - but mainly ordinary non-professionals - discover their full potential though the power of the voice. The course is based on her book of the same name - available as a download on Lulu.com - search Unleash Your Voice, Unleash Yourself!

ANDALUCIA - Unleash Your Voice, Unleash Your Self! Singing Holiday

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