Sharry Edwards
Sharry Edwards pioneered and advanced the foundational theories of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling and BioAcoustic Biology. Her techniques have been recognized and incorporated by many health care researchers as they attempt to enhance our present health care system using biometric based modalities.

Through the concept of vocal coherence, Edwards has been able to demonstrate that the human voice is a unique frequency representation of the structural and biochemical aspects of the Edwards received the New Scientist of the Year Award from The International Association of New Science (IANS) in 2001 and is also a recipient of the prestigious 2002 O. Spurgeon English (Temple University) Humanitarian Award along with John Nash (subject of the film Beautiful Mind), former first lady, Betty Ford and several other distinguished MD’s and PhD’s.

Edwards has been the subject of several internationally distributed documentaries including a two-part series by Ohio University entitled “Sound Healing”, plus two independent documentaries; "Energy Medicine" and "Sonic Apothecary" which focus on frequency based biology. She has published such papers as “Definitive Theory of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling & Sound Presentation”, "Decloaking Resistant Pathogens with Low Frequency Sound", "The World Trade Center: Revealing the 'Fireman's Cough" Toxin, "Double Blind Muscle Testing Using Low Frequency Sound: Its efficacy as a biofeedback modality to verify muscle strength and weakness".

Edwards’ work appears in several books including, Trivieri’s Health on the Edge, Gerber’s Energy Medicine, Davis’ Sound Therapies, Sound Bodies and Ostrander’s Super Learning.

Edwards hosts her own radio show, Sound Health Options, through Edwards is the director of Sound Health Alternatives, a small, self-funded research facility in Ohio, which includes the Sound Health Research Institute (501-C3), a non profit educational place facility.
Edwards is the Honorary Publisher for the Journal of BioAcoustic Biology and has been asked to serve as the Dean for the newly formed Institute of BioAcoustic Biology.
Sharry Edwards

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BioAcoustically Speaking: Illuminating Information Brought to You by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health

BioAcoustically Speaking Illuminating Information Brought to You by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology &amp Sound Health Many agree that the “Ancients” were accurate when they claimed that t read more

Sound Dominates Winter Woes: How Sound Frequencies Can Help the Body Overcome Pathogenic Invasion

After taking the advice of a conventional medical provider, actor James Marshall thought his life was over. That’s when he heard of Sharry Edwards, the Pioneer of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling, who agreed to help. After receiving his health report and following Sharry’s advice, his life started to get back on track. It was James’ wish to then help Sharry (which led to the creation of the song Le Ciel, which seems to influence and reverse symptoms that have a pathogenic nature). read more

Frequency as an Intrinsic Healing Modality

In an attempt to shift perceptions concerning health care, The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health, is reporting novel research that supports the assertion that ancient architectures and language contain math codes that support frequency-based cellular regeneration. read more

Is Frequency Our New Medicine or an Ancient Mystery Revealed? Health for the People by the People

My humming or singing could take away headaches, stop pain and blood. I didn’t understand any of it, I just knew that a positive effect was realized when I echoed back the sounds that I was hearing from people, animals and plants. read more

Vocal Profiling – Making Entrepreneurial Excellence a Reality

The idea of analyzing the frequencies and modulation of a human voice to determine emotional, biochemical and structural status of a person is being used by medical facilities and schools; for military applications; in police work for verification purposes; in research studies for issues thought to be incurable, to determine health status; to relieve stress and pain; to determine exposure to toxins and pathogens. read more

Case Study: Ohio resident Bob Bethel

In 1993, Bethel survived a serious motorcycle accident that left his lower right leg severely damaged. Several major surgeries and hours of reconstructive surgery were required to create the illusion that his leg muscles were intact. Bethel’s physicians had little hope for a complete recovery and told Bethel to consider himself lucky to be alive. read more

Back Pain Succumbs to Star Trek Medicine

Using sound frequencies to diagnose and eliminate back pain evokes images of Star Trek medicine; a pleasant fantasy but not quite in our realm of belief, until now. read more

The Voice as a Holographic Representation of Self

As man evolved, language became levels of intricate harmony nestled within structures of great elegance that carried meaning and allowed understanding. read more

BioAcoustic Analysis of HDTV

Even if you have sworn off of TV in your home, you will nodoubt encounter its influence among co-workers, family and friends talkingabout the latest episode of their favorite shows. Some shows are so read more

Sound Frequency Based Cellular Rejuvenation and the Ancient Templar Cross Codes

In an attempt to shift perceptions concerning health care, the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology &amp Sound Health is reporting novel research that supports the assertion that ancient architectures and read more

The BioAcoustic Institute Offers Free Vocal Profiling for Suffers from PTSD/TBI

A US Army sponsored project conducted by the Institute of BioAcoustic* Biology &amp Sound Health using that the 90 vocal prints of soldiers who were reported to be suffering from PTSD (Post Trauma read more

Can Sound Kill?

Can Sound Kill? It is well established that low-frequency sound can have a notable impact on humans and animals, and may be deleterious to health.[1] Just like the abundance of frequencies contained read more

Through Music We Discover Our Geneses

Through Music, We Discover our Origins Sound as more than Music, Healing, and Emotion “Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein Frequency is the basis of our universe. We m read more

Every Body has a Sound

EVERY BODYHAS A SOUND Finding your own voice takes on newmeaning if you begin to consider the possibility that the sounds of your voicemay be a holographic representation of all that you are. I read more

Identifying Triggers for Gluten Sensitivity

Identifying Triggers for GlutenSensitivity Is it greed, ignorance or an attempt to make things better, thatis poisoning our population? Find The Full Article At read more

BioAcoustic Markers: Indications of the beginning stages of Lipoedema

BioAcoustic Markers: Indications of the beginning stages of Lipoedema Brought to you as a publicservice by the Sound Health Research Institute In the beginning stages of the life-threateningd read more

nVoice as Indication of Attraction

nVoice used as Indication of Attraction William &amp Kate&rsquos; engagement Interview Prince William and Kate Middleton discuss the proposal and her acceptance. Even though they lived together for n read more

Vocal Profiling and the Presence of Lewy Proteins

Vocal Profiling and the Presence of Lewy Proteins UPDATE: December, 2014 Robin Williams&rsquo autopsy revealed the presence of Lewy proteins which are usually confirmed after d read more

Fibromyalgia Symptoms Relieved in the Course of Cutting Edge Study

Exploratory studies sponsored by the Sound HealthResearch Institute, Inc. haveestablished that pain, stiffness and fatigue associated with Fibromyalgia canbe ameliorated through low-frequency sound read more

Sound Used to Heal Broken Bone

Sept 25, 2016 - The motorcycle run for charity promised to be great fun but for Kelly the price was high she broke, badly bruised and twisted her big toe when her bike went down. A trip to the emer read more

How to Easily Reach Theta for Optimal Self Programming

From the first wail at birth to the funeral lament, sound and rhythm are a part of our lives. In between these two moments, we use a variety of notes, pitch and intonation to express ourselves. Some read more

The Potential of Math as Medicine by Sharry Edwards, MEd.

Studies conducted by the non-profit Institute of BioAcoustic Biology, located in Albany, Ohio, USA, has shown that persons with similar stresses, toxins, diseases, traumas, genetic syndromes, deficien read more

Local Woman Pioneers new health care technique

It usually takes a well-funded scientific breakthrough or an overwhelming catastrophe to facilitate change that actually makes a difference. People are slow to embrace new scientific information becau read more

Is Frequency our New Medicine or an Ancient Mystery Revealed?

In an attempt to shift perceptions concerning health care, a small, yet highly innovative educational research institute, located in southern Ohio, is reporting novel research that supports the assert read more

Innovative Ohio Biotech Company Awarded Contract with US Army to Study Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Summary: Innovative study projected to produce a quantitative, mobile, non-invasive identification of close proximity acoustic blast injuries and, ultimately, the restitution of normal brain function read more


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ONLINE - BioAcoustic Professional 5-Day Seminar

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