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nVoice as Indication of Attraction

nVoice used as Indication of Attraction

William & Kate’s engagement Interview

Prince William and Kate Middleton discuss the proposal and her acceptance. Even though they lived together for nearly five year, Prince William still ascribes to the old fashion notion of a proper proposal.

This picture shows Williams’ adoration for Kate. She shows her happiness at being asked to be his bride.  For the public, their obvious caring about one another signals hope for a more caring and reality based with far less pomp and circumstance for the monarchy.

Prince William & Kate – Composites show that they are very much alike. Unlike his parents, William is open and expressive toward Kate. She shows more emotion; he shows a more future oriented perspective. Kate shows more ego and self-approval; Williams shows more of a need to have a safe and useful physical perspective.


Side by side you can see that they both lack the reactive personality trait of Prince Charles. They both combine emotion with a keen perspective for the future. When you compare Princess Diana’s composite, you can clearly see why William is so taken with Kate. Princess Diana’s, and bride to be, Kate’s composites are almost identical. spiritual emotion the most important component. The graphs below show individual vocal prints as William and Kate discuss telling her parents about the upcoming.

Kate sees the outcome as logical and balanced with William’s perspective is gut level, responsive to emotional spirituality.  She’s thoughtful, spiritual and emotional. He’s expressive, an open communicator and spiritually emotional. William’s composite is also very much like his mother’s. He will keep the communication flowing; she will plan well and think things through for the both of them.

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