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Vocal Profiling – Making Entrepreneurial Excellence a Reality

From a tiny space in a cluttered garage, to being international known in only a few years could only happen to a concept that is boldly waiting to happen: One for which the moment in history is exact.  Such is the case of Sound Health, a very unique educational research institute located in Albany, Ohio that is dedicated to the idea that the voice is a holographic representation of health and wellness. 

Known as Vocal Profiling, this innovative biotechnology is the inspiration of an exceptional pioneer, Sharry Edwards.  “The idea of vocal analysis is atypical to people at first but once they realized that they are already familiar with the basics they eagerly want more information,” states Edwards.  She goes on to note that nearly everyone is familiar with the changes that take place in a young man’s voice as he moves through puberty.  Those changes are related to the biochemical adjustments taking place.  “It just didn’t occur to people that such a natural event could be used as a biological model for health,” she objectively states with raised eyebrows and a knowing smile.

The idea of analyzing the frequencies and modulation of a human voice to determine emotional, biochemical and structural status of a person is being used by medical facilities and schools; for military applications; in police work for verification purposes;in research studies for issues thought to be incurable, to determine health status; to relieve stress and pain; to determine exposure to toxins and pathogens.  From working with the firefighters and engineers at the WTC,to assisting locally to determine the identification of a threatening phonecaller, the pioneering work is Star Trek medicine in the making.

“The list of how Vocal Profiling can be used seems endless and provides an avenue for the integration of energy medicine with the allopathic approach,” states Roman Chrucky, MD.  Dr.Chrucky credits this new technology with predicting his heart attack last year and for helping his body reverse a diagnosis of prostate cancer.  “I’m very happy with this work and very happy that Sharry has stuck to these ideas in the face of much adversity. She is the doctor’s doctor.  I send all my perplexing patients to her even though by definition what she does is not medicine.”

When asked to name a verified technique using her methods, Edwards responded. “We could very easily help athletes and trainers predict which muscles need support.  Double blind studies have shown that low frequency analog sound can relax and/or strengthen selected muscles.  Professional teams, and even college teams lose revenue when their star players are on the bench.  I think we can help prevent that.”

Embracing a new paradigm usually comes very slowly over time or instantly from an unforgiving catastrophe. Not so with the idea of using the Voice to provide information concerning health and wellness.  Through dedication, tenacity and hard work the working principles of the voice as an indicator of health will soon become as common as taking your temperature or blood pressure when you visit your local health care provider.

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