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Vocal Profiling and the Presence of Lewy Proteins

Vocal Profiling and the Presence of Lewy Proteins

 UPDATE: December, 2014  

Robin Williams’ autopsy revealed the presence of Lewy proteins which are usually confirmed after death.  The information below verifies that Vocal frequencies can be used to determine the presence of such unwanted proteins using a vocal sample.  This ability to predict menacing proteins in the brain before death, may, at a minimum, provide the opportunity to identify Lewy proteins before symptoms occur.  This would be an incredible advantage as more and more people begin to suffer from various stage of dementia.

Prior to any autopsy reports or announcement by Williams’ wife that Robin was suffering from Parkinson’s, a vocal graph, from over a year previous to his death revealed several spikes representing the Frequency Equivalent of Lewy Proteins; debilitating non-native brain deposits.

Robin Williams:  What he could not bear to Face.


Revealing novel information that may answer why he didn't want to stay.

August 11: – Robin William’s suicide was reported indicating that he took his own life by hanging, likely due to long-term depression. 

August 13:  Sharry Edwards, the foremost BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling investigator, appeared on the Joyce Riley Power Hour radio show offering novel information concerning Williams’death; hoping to help people understand why he chose not to stay.  Several issues relevant to Williams’ suicide were proposed in terms of BioAcoustic Biology: Using vocal frequencies to distinguish physical and psychological issues of health and awareness.

Three pertinent BioAcoustic findings shared on the Power Hour radio show , prior to the public announcement that Williams’ suffered from Parkinson’s, indicated that Williams’ may have committed suicide because of the threat of serious mental decline due to a cognitive degenerative disease involving Lewy proteins; possibly Alzheimer’s.

August 14: The day after Edwards’ announcement on national radio about Williams’ possible motive, Susan Schneider, Williams’ wife,announced that he was suffering from Parkinson’s but that he was not yet ready to share that publicly.  Schneider’s statement to the public explained, “It is our hope in the wake of Robin's tragic passing that others will find the strength to seek the care and support they need to treat whatever battles they are facing so they may feel less afraid."

After Schneider’s announcement, Edwards again appeared on the Power Hour and revealed additional information that had been gleaned from William’s vocal analysis; including the fact that there may have been other contributing factors that are not as grave or devastating as Parkinson’s.

Williams’ death was felt by millions who were saddened because he was such a treasured personality; known for his wired but compassionate personality.  As the author of this opinion piece and an ardent follower, I want to believe that what Williams could not face was the possibility that he might become so incapacitated that he would ultimately end-up disappointing his fans.  For many of his admirers it seemed that creating joy and laughter was his life’s ambition; the thought of not being there for devoted fans may have been unbearable for him.

Williams’ widow stated that he wanted to create hope for others.  It is likely no comfort to anyone who admired him or to any of his family members, but it is likely, from the information gleaned from his vocal frequencies, that Williams, like so many others with Parkinson’s-like symptoms, was misdiagnosed. 

There is more to the story that Vocal Profiling can reveal.  The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology &Sound Health, under the tutelage of Sharry Edwards, MEd. is preparing a lengthy report for release through their web site: – under “IN THE NEWS”  Edwards’ has been acknowledged as the  pioneer of Human BioAcoustic Biology by the Duke Encyclopedia of New Medicine. 


*Frequency Equivalent™ = a term coined by Sharry Edwards meaning a numeric representation of any biological feature or function

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Robin Williams happy


Recording Date: 12/08/2014  



Subject/Topic: talking about being happy on Ellen D show


Missing Notes


You have no hits for the note(s) of: C#,F, F#. Either you did not take enough samples (100-500 is usually best) or your subject matter did not include thoughts or topics that would involve this/these note(s).  See the Note Correlate Chart that appears on the Cover Page for more explanation.


Points of Importance, Attention and Consequence


You appreciate others who recognize your ability to be of service. You have high ideas and expect the same of others.Sometimes there is conflict between your inner ideals and what you want others to think of you. You have the ability to use words to persuade the minds of others. If you ever had to lie to see justice done, you would do it but your sense of justice does not always jive with the law. Using vocal expressions to misdirect a query is easy for you.  You can use the high or low of your voice to give people direction as to how to treat you. You can convey a great variety of expressions using vocal nuance instead of words. Because you are a strong, capable leader you sometimes find it hard to listen, without interruption, to the opinions and ideas of others. Others see you as having leadership potential but they may resent you for the same reason. People don't usually contradict you because your reaction to perceived criticism can be unsettling to others. Pushing others as hard as you push yourself can lead to resentment. You have the ability to step in and take over if a job needs done Your highest note is associated with the expression of service to humanity and human spirit. Your feelings and desire to help others resides with this note. Your highest note deals with expression through words both written and oral. The world of creative self-expression resides with this note. Your highest note is associated with the expression of self power.   The issues of circulation and stamina reside with this note


Physical issues are not your priority.You often have more chores than you can possibly get done. Structure is not required for you to be comfortable. Your ability to just "kick back"can cause stress for those around you. Some days it just feels good to sit back and do nothing. Having someone help you get started gets the job done faster.You can sometimes do too much for others in the hopes of helping them change.You do for others before you do for yourself. It is a struggle sometimes to decide what you really think and what part belongs to someone else because you are so empathetic. Defining your own ideals and what you want from life is the first step to not following a wrong road. You can see what is the best for others but sometimes ignore what is the best for you. You tend to learn by example


Points of Communication, Complications and Complaints


Being appreciated is especially important to you.  You sometimes help others to the detriment of yourself. Your emotions run strong and can influence your health.


You seek guidance from many sources both inside and outside of yourself. Spirituality in all that you do is important to you. You actively seek to bring spirit into your interactions with others.


You have the ability to convince others with words - spoken and written. You have the ability to use words very creatively. You have the ability to inspire people using stories and demonstrations. You can think well and spontaneously when the need arises. You can change mental direction in a heartbeat.


You can find what you need so organization isn't really necessary. You can get by with what is functional.You sometimes ignore what needs to be done and just do what pleases you.


You plan to get things organized as soon as you finish doing what's important. You know how you want things to look but sometimes don't have the energy/enthusiasm to make it so. Too much energy is spent taking care of other people's issues/things.


You can be talked out of your own opinions if solid evidence is presented because you are open to new ideas. You can sometimes feel criticism too quickly and too personally because you want to be more aware of your self issues. You can be very hard on yourself - taking blame or responsibility - that does not really reside with you. You sometimes fail to defend yourself because you don't want to criticize the opinions of others. In your desire to be of value to the growth of others you will learn that doing for others too quickly is not good for them.


Points of Cooperation, Learning,Opportunity and Growth


You are willing to spend a lot of your time making sure that others learn about integrity, wisdom and responsibility.You challenge yourself much more than others challenge you. You love seeing all the pieces fall together to make it all work.


Getting to the core of what you really believe to be the right way of life is important to you. There are times when you disregard your own needs in order to help others. It is important to you that you make a difference in the lives of others.  To help them move toward a more unselfish life. You are a natural teacher by example. You have a patient outlook on life and can work toward a specific goal without regard for your own needs.


You dislike being accused of something you did not do because it hurts your spirit. When you are satisfied with your decision, you no longer need to talk about it. You have the ability to influence others from a spiritual perspective.


You have the ability to perceive what others may be thinking and can use it to your benefit. Your verbal skills make you a good trainer. You have the ability to play word games. You would make a good mediator.


You like to plan by talking about how things are to be done. Discussions about people's motives are a source of inspiration. You like to be creative but like to try your ideas out with someone you trust first. You are tolerate of long winded people because you can see through their pretense to their needs. Your self esteem come from what you accomplish. You don't tolerate fools who repeat information they can't defend.


You have the institutional ability to hear beyond the words people are speaking. You are guided by an inner source of strength. Actively seeking the answers of life is a priority to you.


You do for others just because they ask not because they deserve your time. You do for others more quickly than you do for yourself. Helping people grow emotionally is rewarding to you.


You want it done right the first time.You have the ability to see what won't work when others present you with a plan. You like verbal excitement via words and music.


You may go along with the crowd too easily just because it is convenient. You see what is "right" but don't always know how to make it happen. Having the leader run over others who can't express themselves engages deep emotions for you.


Your self power will increase when you begin to demand equal treatment. Your desire to help others can override your ability to accept from others. Always doing for others first is sometimes a lonely life.


You can get involved quickly without knowing all the facts when you perceive an injustice. Those around you attempt to influence you through your emotions. When you think what has happened is unfair, your first thought is to make things right.  You do this without thinking about how your actions will be perceived.


Stress can literally take your breath away. You have a tendency to promise more than you have time to deliver. You don't always have the energy to carry-out what you intended to do. You can get excited when you talk about an idea but can easily lose interest if you already know the outcome.


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