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Is Frequency Our New Medicine or an Ancient Mystery Revealed? Health for the People by the People

Sound Health is an organization located in Ohio, – in the Appalachian foothills of the United States.  We are a very small group of dedicated individuals who want to make a difference.

The Educational/research center evolved on its own, as my search for answers began in the 70’s. 

It has been known for many decades that I could hear and duplicate sounds that others do not perceive. This has been verified by military authorities and prestigious institutions. 

The test established that my ears were mutated and that I was hearing sounds from the ear called OtoAcoustic emissions.  Many Novel and futurist changes have come from this odd talent.

I began to look for a foundation of what we already knew, that the sounds that I hear are above normal hearing ranges, the sounds I produce are pure tones, supposedly impossible for a human voice yet they can have a profound influence on the body and mind.

My humming or singing could take away headaches, stop pain and blood.  I didn’t understand any of it, I just knew that a positive effect was realized when I echoed back the sounds that I was hearing from people, animals and plants.  The military was interested because my voice could scramble iron oxide recordings. My voice can create pictures, cause a shape to echo, and help people walk and talk again.

The closest explanation we found was akin to the healing singers/songs found in ancient stories.  During the time of our ancestors, people were able to heal by using the sounds and rhythms of their voice. 

Exploration Led to the idea that all of this could be based on frequency – the united principle of our universe. Frequency is sound and rhythm.  Frequencies can be seen as color, sensed asan aroma or perceived as a shape.

I could have likely made a great fortune healing people spiritually but I wanted more.  I want to pass on this important information.  I realized early on that if I just kept the information to myself, at my death the information/talent would cease to be relevant.

I began to search for a way to pass this information on from ancient stories of healing to repeatable tenets using modern computer algorithms.  How did the mechanisms of healing work?  Did the body hold the clue to healing itself?  How could this information be used today to make a difference?

The Search led me to the realization that the sounds that people were making while talking actually contained a plethora of information beyond just the words.  Vocal sounds were actually a frequency-based map of biomarkers that accurately revealed the physiology and metabolism of each individual.

Imagine the brain as the central processing unit of your body; sending and receiving signals constantly to keep the body in perfect health.  Results showed that we were tapping into the DNA/RNA systems and changing them.We Began to collect information and over two decades found that groups who have the same frequency sets in their vocal patterns had the same illnesses, and possessed similar, if not identical vocal anomalies. We were able to quantify these patterns.A project for the army allowed us to produce a template for soldiers who had Traumatic Brain Injury and returning veterans who were experiencing PTSD.  MIT picked up that project for 1.87 Billion Dollars.

We worked with whatever issue appeared at our door in our attempts to BREAK THE SOUND BARRIERS OF DISEASE: Mostly people who conventional medicine could not or would not accommodate.  The relief of pain from Gout and Fibromyalgia Were two of our first breakthroughs.

As I began investigating each person’s history, I realized that our current conventional medical system was not serving the people but was serving the pocketbooks of several big companies and facilities that did not see health as a priority.


One Particular interest to me was my own family who suffered from diabetes that did not respond to the pancreatic based protocols perceived as appropriate by modern day medicine.  This family group did, however, have several issues in common: they all experience gout pain, - a form of arthritis that causes joint pain. They all had genetic histories associated with periods of feast and famine.  This led me to look into the biochemistry of animal hibernation and there I found an answer that may be associated with a form of diabetes caused by fatty liver stress. 

Historically,long periods of famine turn on a hibernation gene in some cultures.  This in turn causes a fatty liver, which causes insulin resistance.

I’ve used this information to create a database that can identify individual issues, by priority, that are associated with fatty-liver caused by diabetes.  In Addition, the database is predictive so that people without diabetes can be monitored for potential upcoming symptoms. We Take a 30 second recording of the voice – which can be done remotely.  

The Computer evaluates those frequencies of the voice and compares the architecture and patterns to our cache of over 200 templates comprised of many thousands of entries. 

The computer then identifies, by priority, which frequencies are in stress.  It is completely automated and will provide quick, efficacious information about the present and/or upcoming issues being expressed via vocal biomarkers.

Additional Reports will BioAcoustically show which nutrients, genes, proteins, hormones,stem cells … are responsible for the present state of health.  From these biomarkers a sequence for the return to health can be constructed.

The system has been computerized and is made available free online for experimentation:


I have made some colossal mistakes during my 70 plus years on the planet. As a business owner, my biggest business mistake was to put the welfare of the people first.  In our present business culture, most owners agree that $$$ needs to be the priority but it our case, we didn’t advertise, we didn’t make claims, we didn’t lay claim to the information given to the public. We didn’t have a plan, we didn’t know where we were going or what we were looking for yet, based on our findings, some very large companies are following in our footsteps.

We announced our first important corollary in 2004, “People with similar traumas, illnesses, syndromes, psychologies, diseases, toxins…have similar, if not identical, vocal anomalies,” and since then have been able to:

 (short list)

> We have been able to identify the frequencies associated with Parkinson’s and MS which enabled us to help the body reverse the ravages of muscle/nerve degeneration.

> We have been able to identify the vocal frequencies associated with macular degeneration; and help people suffering from MD to regain their sight.

    > We developed a bone healing frequencythat not only relieves bone pain but, in several instances, “sets” the bonewith no bone scarring.

    > We mapped the body’s muscle systemand were able to relieve pain from strokes and trauma.

    > Using the patterns of sound in the voice along with the rhythm of the body’s frequencies – akin to drumming rhythms - and frequencies emulating the frequencies of the brain, we are able to help regrow nerves from the waist down to help a nerve- severed client walk again.

    > We have, in emergency situations, been able to use sound frequencies to reverse traumatic allergic reactions. Instead of having to purchase outrageously priced EpiPens, we can make permanently available ToneBoxes for such emergencies. [We have only used these in emergency situations, but they work identically to EpiPens.]

The government currently spends millions on EpiPens, that would not needto be the case any longer.

In my wishto retire, write and continue to share this evolutionary information – there isso much more to do. I have investigated several business brokers only to find thatthey want to develop it further but ration it to the public at very highprices.

I stronglybelieve that this information belongs to the people and should be in the handsof the People who put health care above profit. 

I startedthis endeavor to help others, I want it to continue to be nurtured by anorganization who puts the people first, that is their heritage, that is thefuture.


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