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Elton John’s BioAcoustic Evaluationindicates:


Items associated with thisfrequency set are below.  Remember thatBioAcoustically Speaking, one frequency can represent many issues/items.


Specifically, we ran 23 templatesusing his “retirement announcement” linked above.  Scores are listed at the end of this report.


·     Acetylcholineis a major issue as a gene and as a protein.

·       Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter, which is a chemical released by a nervecell or neuron. ... Acetylcholine causes muscles to contract,activates pain responses and regulates endocrine and REM sleep functions. – from online


·       Imbalance of acetylcholine can lead to nerve muscle issues such asmyasthenia gravis, Parkinson’s, Carpal Tunnel, muscle nerve degeneration,connective tissue deterioration, Tremors…


·     John’svocal print contained both genes and proteins associated with neurodegenerativedisease, likely Parkinson’s or myasthenia gravis (MG) in the early stages.


·     Indicatorspresent associated with Myasthenia Gravis include Acetylcholine,Acetylcholinesterase and MG genes and proteins.


·     There aresignificant indicators of issues with L-dopa and dopamine, both associated withParkinson’s.


·     Collagenand Elastin (components of connective tissue, hair, skin) are significantlystressed.  Elastin is associated with anystretching and contracting tissues of the body (heart rate, tendons, ligaments,vessel integrity, eye focus and elasticity…)


·     Connectivetissues and muscle elasticity seem to be significant markers.


·     Significantscores were apparent as indicators of meds for Parkinson’s.  The same frequencies are associated withvarious forms of cocaine, showing a relationship among the variables.


·     Cachexia,Voice, Carpal tunnel, respiratory, and Spine and show significantly high scores.


·     Vocalsupport score is 44, twice as high as normal, indicating high vocal stress.

Template Report with scores (higher = more relevant with 20considered high)

Issueslisted by priority:


Cachexia 50

(Wasting Syndrome)

Voice 44

Carpal Tunnel 42

Spine and Support 35

Respiratory 34

Amino Acids 29

Glaucoma 29

Astrocytes 27

Joints 27

Collage 26

Connective Tissue 26

Gall Bladder 25

Parkinson’s 24

Thyroid 23

Liver 23

Neuropathy 22

Recreational drugs 22

Liver 23

Neuroplasticity 18

(brain and nerve nutrients)

Heart 17

Insulin resistance 17

Nerve degeneration 14


Most Significant Correlates for most problematic issuefrom graph above

We do not have a complete database formyasthenia gravis.  Myasthenia gravis isa chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease that causes weakness in the skeletalmuscles, which are responsible for breathing and moving parts of the body,including the arms and legs.


 BioAcoustic Opinion


Muscle,nerve and connective tissue are hardest hit by nerve signaling issues.  I would not look for him to be able tocomplete 300 appearances in three years. BioAcoustically, I think this could be ameliorated with Sound Therapy.


STATEMENT OF FACT: The information herein contains opinionsconcerning correlations between personality traits and frequencies found withinthe voice.    The computer printouts are generated by acomputer using fast Fourier transforms and voice spectral analysis developed bythe Institute of BioAcoustic Biology – a non-profit research organization:  SoundHealthOptions.com – 740-698-9119.

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