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Can Sound Kill?

Can Sound Kill?

It is well established that low-frequency sound can have a notable impact on humans and animals, and may be deleterious to health.[1]  Just like the abundance of frequencies contained in a vocal sample, environmental sounds have oscillations that can be evaluated for health influences on individuals exposed to such resonances.  Recently it was reported from many geographic locations that a “low rumbling” mysterious sound could be felt and heard. Reportedly the sounds were causing people to feel mentally disoriented and even physically ill.

Diplomats and their families from China, Cuba, Canada and the US have reported an unusual collection of symptoms that range from dizziness, nausea, concussions, hearing loss, disorientation and unexplained fatigue. [2]    

As reported by CNN, Dr. Jeffrey Kim of Georgetown University’s Otolaryngology Department states that "It is possible to create a complex sound of certain frequencies and acoustic patterns that could affect our body function especially brain function."

For these reasons, the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, Ohio, USA, (the leading experts in the field of the effects of sound on living systems), has evaluated the frequencies being reported as detrimental and may have determined why many political opponents, whistleblowers and pharmaceutical enemies have been found dead in their homes or hotels from unexplained heart attacks.

The main constituents of the recently documented sounds are frequencies that have been identified as being associated with stroke, heart attacks, cellular oxygen and cellular communication.  Below is a short list of the major bio-frequencies found in the ambient sound sample.   Items marked in green are associated with heart and circulatory issues.

Think of the brain as a Central Process Unit, like a computer’s CPU hard drive.  The brain is dominated by frequencies that are sent along neuro pathways to direct, manage, and communicate with the body.  It has been absolutely the case that disturbances in these pathways have a direct influence on body function and psychological states of being. An example of this is found in the Gate Control Theory of Pain.[3]

Below additionally is a more comprehensive listing of the health base bio-frequencies correlates that are associated with feelings of malaise.

Arsenic is often used as a foundation for blood thinner; including rat poison...view full article (PDF)

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